Girls Event July 2015 - CopyAbout the company:

Ristroph Law, Planning, and Research is a small, Alaska- and Louisiana-based business that provides legal, planning, research, and mediation services to Alaska Native Villages (federally recognized tribes), agencies, non-profits, and other entities.

Legal focus: contracts, natural resources, Alaska Native and American Indian, wills, custody. Ristroph is licensed to practice law in Alaska, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania.

Planning: climate change adaptation, hazard mitigation, disaster, and community plans, digital maps showing historical and cultural sites and other important areas

Research: qualitative studies involving interviews, surveys, and forums with community members and qualitative content analysis

Environmental reviews: developing and commenting on environmental reviews required by the National Environmental Policy Act, including facilitation with tribal and historical consultation

Facilitation: mediation in private cases and for community members, meeting facilitation

Evaluation: Evaluation of program and project success

About the principal:

Elizaveta Barrett Ristroph (75) - CopyBarrett Ristroph formed Ristroph Law, Planning, and Research in 2015 to provide services at a reasonable cost to  tribes, community members, and others with interests in indigenous sovereignty and social and environmental justice. She completed a Ph.D. at the University of Hawaii-Manoa on how Alaska Native Villages are adapting to climate change and how laws and planning help or hinder. Originally from Cajun country in Louisiana, USA, she has gained perspective from living and working in the Northern Mariana Islands, the Philippines, Hawaii, Arctic Alaska and Russia. Through her work, she aims to build bridges between communities in South Louisiana, Alaska, and the Pacific Islands that are struggling with climate change and the need for sustainable development.

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Rates are negotiable depending on the client’s ability to pay and the nature and amount of the work. 

  • Administrative work: (i.e., organizing meetings, budgeting, grant applications and management): $125/hour
  • Planning, research, economic analysis, map-making, and meeting facilitation: $150/hour
  • Legal work excluding litigation (i.e. drafting policies and contracts, negotiating, and mediating): $175/hour
  • Litigation: $205/hour
  • Downtime during travel when I am unable to do other work (i.e., driving, waiting in line at airport): $75/hour

Please call to establish a rate that works for you!